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06:35:11, Sunday, 22 Jan 2017

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Special Coordinator Plumbly Condemns Explosion in the Southern Beirut Suburb of Haret Hreik

Beirut, Lebanon
Tuesday, 21 January 2014
The UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, Derek Plumbly, condemned in the strongest possible terms this morning’s car bombing in a residential and commercial street in the southern Beirut suburb of Haret Hreik that has killed and wounded a number of people.

He extends his condolences to the families of the victims of this bombing. 


Today’s explosion, the third bombing in Lebanon in as many weeks, is a further deeply disturbing act of indiscriminate terror. Such acts cannot be justified, and are contrary to the interests of all Lebanese. The Special Coordinator called on all Lebanese to come together, and encouraged all steps that help reinforce national unity at this difficult time, including the recent momentum to form a new government.  He also encouraged support for Lebanon’s state institutions, including the army and the security forces, as the best way to safeguard the country’s security and stability. He hoped those responsible for today’s bombing and all other acts of terrorism will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

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