Security Council Resolutions on Lebanon

S/RES/2433 (2018) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/2373 (2017) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/2305 (2016) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/2236 (2015) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/2172 (2014) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/2115 (2013) on UNIFIL extension 

S/Res/2064 (2012) on UNFIL extension

S/Res/2004 (2011) on UNIFIL extension 

S/Res/1937 (2010) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1884 (2009) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1852 (2008) on UNIIIC extension

S/Res/1832 (2008) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1815 (2008) on UNIIIC extension

S/Res/1773 (2007) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1757 (2007) on establishment of the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (with agreement and Statute)

S/Res/1748 (2007) on UNIIIC extension

S/Res/1701 (2006) on Lebanon-Israel -ARABIC

S/Res/1701 (2006) on Lebanon-Israel

S/Res/1697 (2006) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1686 (2006) on UNIIIC extension

S/Res/1680 (2006) on implementation of Resolution 1559

S/Res/1664 (2006) on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon

S/Res/1655 (2006) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1644 (2005) on UNIIIC extension

S/Res/1636 (2005) on UNIIIC report

S/Res/1614 (2005) on UNIFIL extension

S/Res/1595 (2005) on UNIIIC establishment

S/Res/1559 (2004) on Lebanon

S/Res/520 (1982) on Lebanon-Israel

S/Res/426 (1978) on Lebanon-Israel

S/Res/425 (1978) on Lebanon-Israel


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