2018 Report on UN's Work for Lebanon

30 Apr 2019

2018 Report on UN's Work for Lebanon

The United Nations has launched its second annual report for the year 2018 on the implementation of the UN Strategic Framework for Lebanon 2017-2020 (UNSF). The four-year framework was endorsed and signed with the Government of Lebanon in October 2016. It outlines the UN's common vision and the expected UN contribution to support Lebanon's security, political, human rights and developmental priorities. 

The current report summarizes progress made by the United Nations, with its Lebanese and international partners, in the implementation of the UNSF in 2018.

FULL 2018 REPORT in ENGLISH: https://bit.ly/2Vz8H9o

FULL 2018 REPORT IN ARABIC: https://bit.ly/2GT2a1e

Examples of the UN’s contribution to these priorities in 2018, include that over 400,000 people benefited from improved access to safe water for drinking and domestic use thanks to the UN support. Also, the UN in Lebanon helped enroll around 430,000 girls and boys in basic education in public schools, and provided training to around 22,000 public school teachers & education personnel. The UN in Lebanon also played a pivotal role in 2018 in enhancing women’s full participation in different fields, including in parliamentary elections, through strengthening women’s national capacities, improving supervision and monitoring of the electoral process, and advocating for increased women’s participation in political life.