UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis Statement on Lebanon’s Army Day

1 Aug 2019

UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis Statement on Lebanon’s Army Day

On the occasion of Lebanon’s 74th Army Day, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon Jan Kubis today praised the committed professional efforts of the Lebanese Armed Forces in safeguarding the security of Lebanon, its borders and its population, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and in extending State authority.

“With utmost patriotism, sacrifices and sometimes limited resources, the Lebanese army has played a tremendous role in keeping Lebanon and its people safe from the threat of terrorism, landmines, instability or other external or internal threats, including at the borders,” Mr. Kubis said.  

Noting the undisputed respect for the LAF from all Lebanese communities, the Special Coordinator said the institution has also been playing a key role in promoting and protecting national unity as a guardian of civil peace and coexistence.

The Special Coordinator welcomed the efforts of the LAF, as a critical vehicle of the durable extension of State authority, including through its deployment along Lebanon’s northern and eastern borders and gradually in the South. “I recently visited LAF units along the eastern border and was impressed by the important strides taken to enhance border control, with the essential support of international partners,” Mr. Kubis said.

The Special Coordinator also noted the professional cooperation and coordination between the LAF and UNIFIL in South Lebanon, as also discussed at the recent UN Security Council meeting and encouraged further steps to ensure the implementation of Security Council Resolution 1701 in its entirety.  

In follow up to the Rome II conference of March 2018, Mr. Kubis underlined the UN and broader international commitment to continued support to the LAF, either through the International Support Group for Lebanon and other coordination mechanisms or through separate bilateral agreements with donor countries. “In my meetings at the UN Security Council, as well as with a broad range of strategic partners of Lebanon in the security and defence areas, I have noted a shared appreciation of the LAF’s role, responsibilities, and achievements and a commitment to continued support for the LAF,” Mr. Kubis said.

In conclusion, Mr. Kubis welcomed proactive steps taken towards increasing the participation of women in the armed forces, as well as ensuring respect for human rights standards and encouraged further progress in that regard.